RACISM-the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.The discrimination is not isolated to a particular region, its rooted in the conscience of the world. Every time a person is treated based on color, caste,profession the world takes a step back. All this starts with the concept of “MINE” and “YOUR”. My land, my family, my color, my rules.IT was never, “OURS”.

Most vulnerable population of this racism or xenophobia is children.. Discrimination based on identity and body is the worst trauma a child can go through. Racism is not the law which runs the world. It’s harsh, inhuman and pointless to encourage. All over the world people get detained, raped, killed just because they are born that way .Children are incorporated with the wrong definition of beauty and black is associated with evil. “Race” is linked to physical differences among people, and such features as dark skin color have been seen as markers of low status, some experts believe that racism may be difficult to eradicate. Indeed, minds cannot be changed by laws, but beliefs about human differences can and do change, as do all cultural elements.

“ I am left handed and I still face minor resentment when I use my left hand for writing, it is considered a taboo.”My experience clearly states that children are crippled for being different from the mass.Racism eventually cripples diversity and beauty of oneness. It shrouds respect and appreciation for being different and eventually leads to a hostile environment. This is not hypothetical ,we see it everyday but only realize when someone gets killed.

I am Indian, we have minorities in India. We have many accounts of atrocities done to them. They are resented, helpless and always shunned by society. We have this proverb,”Not every Muslim is a terrorist ,but every terrorist is a Muslim.” We have our own prejudice to penalize the weak. But we are not wrong every time. Sometimes it’s judicially accurate to punish the culprit.But many a times, we lose innocents.We have our own definition of beauty, chastity and intelligence.

Fund the minority protests, join the riots,tweet and write .But as long as we use a fairness cream, skin color pencil, don’t pet black cats, not allow maids to all rooms to the house,fear to help and resolve Muslim atrocities, gossip over and resent inter-caste marriages, we are RACIST and we are teaching children racism.


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