One of the most profound inspirations is NATURE.I experienced this epitome of miraculous transition during my two day stay at a resort in Araku.

Most of us do not appreciate the value of natural light. I used to wake up in the afternoon, work with screens all day in enclosed space and binge watch series at night. My sleep cycle totally collapsed during this lock down and I haven’t felt sun rays on my skin for at least two months. I can say, I was in HIBERNATION. I am not the only one in the house with this problem, even my mom and dad are with screens all day, as a result due to decreased melatonin, we all couldn’t sleep.We all decided to fix this and plan for DETOUR weekend.

So, that night at the resort with one complete day of mobile and screen detox, I tried to sleep and wake up early to watch the SUNRISE. It’s not a wise choice, during the rainy season. The ambiance was dark, gloomy and chilled all day, hoping to get some sun exposure and to get motivated is a miracle.

Indeed it was a miracle, I slept for the whole eight hours without interruption and woke up at FOUR in the morning. I was determined to experience SUNRISE, I took a chair and decided to sit on the balcony ,but it’s pitch dark and cold as ice out there. I was scared . So, I decided to wait inside for an hour.After half an hour the black sky started to turn bluish and I heard birds chirping. So, the sit out seemed less eerie. I put on my sweater, took the chair and sat on the balcony. There was slight shivering but I was resilient, to watch the sun.

I sat there for almost two hours ,watching the magic unfold. The sky turned lighter and brighter and trees waved with the wind. Birds flocked here and there in groups. It was an inexplicable experience,it was as if the earth was celebrating. Welcoming the new DAWN. I wanted to watch the sun, feel its warmth. But, it’s a rainy day and the sky didn’t not turn orange as I imagined. The entire scenario is filled with shades of blue, green and brown. The dew on grass, the slight drizzle, the birds chirping and wind whispering in my ears and the shades of transition in the sky. I stood up and took a deep breath, soaking the enthusiasm of the ambiance.Believe me, no coffee, no gym session, no zumba or playlist can make you feel so relaxed, pumped and ready for the day.

I wanted that euphoria to be with me everyday. So, later in the day I asked my mom, what is the substitute for this.What is the one way to take this home.My mom said “ Sky is everywhere, you just need to look up at the right time”.

Everyday on every place on the earth, the entire nature welcomes the NEW DAY, in its miraculous own way. If you get a chance, run up to the terrace, sit on the balcony and experience the celebration. WELCOME THE NEW DAY .

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