The Midnight Express

When I was in ninth grade. I started to explore music.Back then I didn’t have many options,like music apps and only option was to download songs from websites and listen to them. It was tedious.One friday when I writing my physics record, I switched on FM and tuned in 93.5, maybe it was default set. There is this show called “Midnight Express”, which played latest hindi songs.That was a treasure for me.All latest songs for two hours continuous.However, songs were interpreted by a person telling a horror story.I didn’t mind him.For me, only songs mattered.

For next two weeks during vacation I used to listen “Midnight Express” at night. RJ ROHIT. He used to give details of songs played. He used to allocate some theme for each day. Thursday was,”sorry and thank you day.” Friday was “horror story” day.RJ Rohit used to call and wish b’days on air. I realised, RJ is not someone to just plays songs and promotes brands. For me RJ Rohit was profound performer.Again, he never used to chat about random, obscene stuff just because it was late night. He was honest, funny and sometimes used to talk about his life and incidents that happen around us. I am introvert,so for me it was like, I found some imaginary friend😅.I remember spending 2013 new year, listening to Midnight Express.The show is one of the profound memories of my childhood.

Years passed I got busy with college,could’t spare time for FM. I found RJ Rohit on Instagram.Since, we are from same city.I got to meet him once. It was like meeting my pen friend.

All this signifies beauty of love for work.If Rohit thought, who would listen to this late night show, his perception towards it would be totally different. Midnight express is more of talk and less of a musical show. There was fun, songs and most important zeal.That particular aspect inspired me to love what I do.

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