VACCINE STORY-one world protected

There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?” -Jonas Salk

The story starts with a pandemic, with health and financial crisis, halted education and increased unemployment. Now, we have “NEW NORMAL”, we adapted to this pandemic and no socializing norms with masks, sanitizers and of course technology. Amidst this chaos, every science student, is quite enthusiastic about the “vaccine story”.

Vaccine story is a long science saga, well here is the humane part of it. While reading WhatsApp texts about vaccines, or alternative home made remedies, and drugs like Fabi flu, ever wondered how much will the vaccine cost? What population can actually afford it?

No one is safe, until everyone is safe. Everyone must be vaccinated for the world to get back to “NORMAL”. Will this ever be possible??

COVAX is an unique global collaboration, with 170 countries and economies now involved — collectively representing 70 per cent of the global population.

“Coordinated by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and the WHO, COVAX is a platform that will support the research, development and manufacturing of a wide range of COVID-19 vaccine candidates, and negotiate their pricing.”

  • All participating countries, regardless of income levels, will have equal access to these vaccines once they are developed.
  • The initial aim is to have 2 billion doses available by the end of 2021, which should be enough to protect high risk and vulnerable people, as well as frontline healthcare workers.”
  • Once any of the COVAX portfolio vaccines have successfully undergone clinical trials and proved themselves to be both safe and effective, and have received regulatory approval.
  • Available doses will be allocated to all participating countries at the same rate, proportional to their total population size.
  • A small buffer of about 5% of the total number of available doses will be kept aside to build a stockpile to help with acute outbreaks and to support humanitarian organizations, for example to vaccinate refugees who may not otherwise have access.
  • Even though self-financing participants can request for enough doses to vaccinate between 10–50% of their population, no country will receive enough doses to vaccinate more than 20% of its population until all countries in the financing group have been offered this amount.
  • The only exception is those countries who have opted to receive fewer than 20%.
  • Subject to funding availability, funded countries will receive enough doses to vaccinate up to 20 per cent of their population in the longer term. Since demand is initially likely to exceed supply once vaccines do become available, allocation will be spread across countries based on the number of doses that are available and increase as that availability increases.
  • To make all this a reality, Gavi has created the COVAX Facility through which self-financing economies and funded economies can participate. Within this also sits an entirely separate funding mechanism, the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC), which will support access to COVID-19 vaccines for lower-income economies. Combined, these make possible the participation of all countries, regardless of ability to pay.
  • If you skipped through the information, just watch this video.

On April 12, 1955, the day the Salk vaccine(Polio) was declared “safe, effective and potent,” “Well, the people, I would say,” said Salk in light of the millions of charitable donations raised by the March of Dimes that funded the vaccine’s research and field testing. “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

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